Website Planning

Well-researched website planning is a must. Create a compelling long-term plan with Zeta Production. Avoid online disarray and missing out on leads.

We have a dedicated team of developers who can help you strategize and develop custom SEO-optimized websites. Rank easily and attract organic traffic while converting visitors into loyal customers.

Website Planning

How we do Website Planning at ZETA Production

How we do Website Planning at ZETA Production 1

Strategic Client Consultation

Our website planning kickstarts with the strategic client consultation step where we set up a meeting with clients to understand your goals and discuss challenges and flaws to gain valuable insights into your vision.

Conduct Audits & Detect Flaws

After discussing your goals, our website planning team of seasoned SEO experts conducts a thorough audit to identify any existing flaws and areas for improvement. This in-depth analysis covers everything from on-page and off-page SEO factors to technical aspects. Here are some website areas we focus on while conducting audits and detecting flaws.

How we do Website Planning at ZETA Production 2
How we do Website Planning at ZETA Production 3

Crafting Custom Strategy

In this third phase, we leverage our 20 years of website planning industry experience to create a comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique needs. This website planning strategy draws upon our team’s expertise, including a graphic designer from Silicon Valley, to ensure a cutting-edge, visually appealing website that resonates with your industry’s target audience.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

Once your website is up and running, we don’t stop there.

We continuously track its performance after implementing our custom strategy tailored to your goals and analyze the data to generate insightful reports, later sharing these reports with you. Our commitment to transparency and communications ensures that you are always well-informed about how your website is performing and how our strategies are driving success.

How we do Website Planning at ZETA Production 4
How we do Website Planning at ZETA Production 5

ROI-Oriented Optimization

This is a final phase, here we further fine-tune our strategy based on the results we have achieved. With a remarkable 90% client retention rate, we are dedicated to ensuring your website continues to deliver a high return on investment.

Our website planning team works diligently to refine and adapt the strategy to maximize your website’s success.

Get website planning fast & simple

Get website planning fast & simple - 1

Minimizing Budget Overruns

Effective website planning allows to identify and address potential issues in the early stages, reducing the need for costly changes and modifications during the development process.

At ZETA Production, we have a team of developers and SEO experts who will sit down together and work closely with you to ensure your website not only meets your specific needs and objectives but also stays within your budget.

Get website planning fast & simple - 2

Aligning Content with User Intent

Content Planning is crucial because it helps resonate with your target audience, effectively engaging users and driving conversations.

We have a team of seasoned content writers, who specialize in crafting compelling and relevant content tailored to your audience’s needs and preferences.

This ensures that your website’s content aligns with user intent and delivers a seamless and engaging user experience that encourages meaningful interactions and conversions.

Get website planning fast & simple - 3

Ensuring All Features

A well-thought-out plan ensures that all the essential features and functionalities are included, preventing the frustration of missing critical components.

Get website planning fast & simple - 4

Enhancing User Experience

By addressing potential issues in the planning phase such as bugs, glitches, and UI issues all of which might negatively impact the user’s experience, a thoroughly crafted website plan can help enhance your user’s experience.

What is Website Planning?

Website planning, as the name suggests, refers to the first phase of the site development process.

It is a strategic activity with the goal to define and document the type of website you want to build, what it is to be built on, and how it will be structured and designed to meet the specific goals and objectives of your project.

Additionally, website planning also involves careful consideration of various other aspects such as target audience, content strategy, and how information will be conveyed to said audience to turn visitors into leads.

In short, website planning sets the foundation for the entire development process, ensuring that the website aligns with your business or personal objectives, and is well-organized to provide a seamless and effective online presence. 

What is Website Planning? 1
What is Website Planning? 2

Why should you do Website Planning before building it?

According to an independent case study, 25% of Website Projects fail.

This is because 99.9% of website projects exceed their budget, deadlines, and scope due to a lack of comprehensive website planning.

Below are some of the common reasons for a website’s failure:

  • Website costs exceed the budget due to frequent changes.
  • Content doesn’t appeal to users’ intent and fails to bring in new customers.
  • Important features are missing.
  • The website has bugs that are ruining the user experience.
  • The client is confused and unhappy with the services.


  1. What is website planning?

    Website planning is the first step of the website development process. As a foundation for website building, it sets the purpose and type of the website. These include target audience, content strategy, and lead generation.

  2. How do I know if I need website planning?

    Well, considering the failure risk, we believe every web project requires website planning. The more in the dark you are about the status of your site, the more website planning your website requires.

  3. How much does a website planning service cost?

    The question of how much website planning costs depends on the complexity of the project and your goals. Our website planning service for simple websites starts at $1500 USD. We recommend spending at least 20%-40% of your total website budget on website planning.

  4. Does ZETA Production provide web development services?

    Yes, we do provide website development services for both our existing clients as well as for newcomers. We offer a wide range of development solutions, including Custom Development, eCommerce Website Development, CMS, Responsive Design, Web Application Development, and Website Redesign and Optimization.

  5. If we hire ZETA Production for website planning, do we have to hire for web designing and development?

    You can hire, but the decision of hiring solely depends on you. We don’t impose a mandatory requirement to hire us for web designing and other relevant services.