WordPress Theme Development

Our WordPress theme development helps businesses drive results through custom-designed themes. Given our commitment to making your business stand out, we create a unique online presence accurately reflecting your brand objectives!

We have a team of designers and developers who work collaboratively to bring trendy, fast-loading, clean-coded themes. Our WordPress website building company ensures every theme is innovative and of superb quality. Zeta Production’s passionate team has a deep understanding of WordPress design principles that help your dreams become reality! 

WordPress Theme Development

Why Choose Zeta Production?


Customized Theme Development 

Our team believes in customized WordPress theme development. Our team of content strategists, SEO specialists, and developers design each theme according to your brand identity and objectives. Zeta Production’s WordPress theme development course, which every member has gone through, includes technological advancement updates, enabling them to make every customized theme even more responsive and engaging.

SEO-Optimized Themes 

With our SEO experts trained to incorporate proper heading structures, ensure fast loading, and optimize the theme for the best search engine ranking, your website will have the perfect visibility. This will be particularly beneficial for your business as it will start getting high conversions with reduced bounce rates. 

User-Friendly Designs 

Our main priority during WordPress theme development is ensuring that your users can navigate the website easily. For successful, user-friendly designs, our team creates engaging themes with a clear visual hierarchy, focusing on minimizing all types of distractions.

Continuous Support and Maintenance 

Zeta Production is committed to providing the best services and support to all our clients. Our team won’t stop after delivering your theme. We provide all types of maintenance and support even after your work is done to help your website stay at its best. 


Zeta Productions WordPress Theme Development

In-Depth Consultation 

We will start by having a first meeting with you. During this first consultation, we discuss your brand vision, objectives, and requirements for your website. This is crucial to understand what kind of theme should be tailored for you. 

Custom Theme Proposal 

We create a detailed proposal outlining the layout, unique features, fonts, codes, and other additions requested by you. 

Theme Development and Testing

After approval, we begin the theme development by adding all the elements, content, and special features that you have suggested. During this process, our team will be in direct contact with you and share our progress. After the WordPress theme development, further testing will be carried out to ensure everything is perfect. 

Final Launch and Further Support 

We will then, after your approval, launch your website theme. Don’t worry, we always build lifelong relations with our customers. We’ll continue to provide essential support and make necessary updates so your theme doesn’t become outdated. 


  1. How will I know the progress of my WordPress theme development project?

    Zeta Production will ensure you have a contact person to get in touch with. Our team will also stay connected with you and regularly update you on your project progress. 

  2. How much does Zeta charge for WordPress theme development services?

    There is no fixed amount that Zeta charges for theme development services. It depends on your requirements and the complexity of the particular project. Our rates are extremely cost-effective! 

  3. How much time will it take for project completion?

    The time period to complete your project will be given after our first consultation. We will get to know your requirements, and then, after a proper plan is formulated, a time framework will be provided. 

  4. Which programming languages are best for web application development?

    The choice of which programming language is best for web application development depends on the specifications of the project and your requirements. Some of the popular programming languages often used for web application development include, PHP, Javascript, Python, and C# with ASP.NET combination.