Real Estate Website Development

Real estate website completed in 3 days! Experience an incredible increase in inquiries with a real estate website that attracts clients. Click the button below to view detailed production costs from Zeta Productions, a professional real estate website builder.

Real Estate Website Development

4 Benefits of Choosing Zeta Production for Real Estate Website Development

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Real Estate Website Creation in 3 Days

We’ll create and deliver the website within 3 days of your request. We boast industry-leading speed and quality in creating real estate websites, where speed is paramount.

Optimized Real Estate Website by Location and Property Type

No matter what kind of real estate website you want to build, we’ve got you covered. Be it commercial real estate listings, to apartment rentals, to warehouse real estate informational websites, we can do it! Quality is guaranteed with our handcrafted real estate websites optimized for your listings and locations.

State-of-the-art, Responsive Real Estate Websites

We provide real estate websites that changes its appearance according to the device being used. Website content can be viewed on small mobile screens, to large desktop monitors. Capture more customers and increase traffic.

Pure Coding-based Real Estate Website

Zeta Productions has in-house professional developers. We do not reuse outdated real estate website templates. We create real estate websites based on pure coding at a reasonable cost. Want a detailed quote? Click the button below to find out the cost!

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3 Steps to Creating a Real Estate Website with Zeta Production

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1:1 Consultation with a Website Production Expert

A real estate website creation expert will consult with you one-on-one to identify the information needed for the project. During this process, you can discuss the details of running a real estate website and agree on the cost of creating a homepage. All consultations are free of charge.

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Real Estate Website Production in Progress

We are now in the full swing of creating the real estate website. The minimum time required to create a real estate website is 3 days. If additional options are added, the working days may increase by up to 5 days.

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Delivery of Completed Real Estate Website

We will deliver the completed real estate website so you can use it right away. The finished product of creating a real estate website can be used as portfolio material for Zeta Productions.

Learn More About Creating a Real Estate Website

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A real estate website is a promotional website that describes information about a property for sale. In other words, it is a property listing homepage. The most typical real estate website lists apartment for rent. Are you looking into creating a real estate website to promote a building that is about to be sold? Keep these two things in mind when choosing a production company.

  • Creation Speed : Creating a real estate website is a race against time. In most cases, work on the sales website begins 1-2 weeks before the sales office opens. However, you shouldn’t choose a company that produces a website in an excessively fast amount of time. This is because you are likely to receive a low-quality website that will not appear in search results. Zeta Production creates quality real estate websites and ensures that they appear in the right places online.
  • Ability to Work in Each Field : Most real estate website production companies specialize only in apartment sales websites. However, among real estate listings, there are a variety of products for sale, including not only apartments, but also buildings, factories, and even land. Therefore, it is much more desirable to choose a company that has a high understanding of the real estate industry and can create real estate websites for various fields.

A real estate website blog is a different channel of real estate promotion than a sales website. In other words, it’s a homepage, but it also has a blog where you can upload real estate-related content. It is difficult to attract enough customers with a simple website alone. However, a real estate website blog is a powerful tool that can attract customers to the homepage as well as search users through blog content. Here are some common types of real estate website blogs

  • Property listing sites
  • Real estate information websites

There are many different types of real estate blogs. However, these are not your typical real estate websites. This is because the website contains many additional options, including the ability to publish and manage a blog. Through this option, you’ll get more customers, be able to analyze customer data, and build a strategy for promoting your property. In these cases, it can be produced to perfection through services such as WordPress Blog Development , or Homepage Creation.

A real estate website template is a form used when creating a real estate website. The reason you can create a real estate website quickly and at a reasonable cost is because of the real estate website templates. However, if you use an outdated real estate website template, you won’t be able to rank high in search results and you might not be found at all.

Since you’re paying for a website, you want it to be of a high quality, so you’ll want to find out what real estate website templates the real estate website development company uses. If the company provides outdated real estate website templates that consist of nothing but images or has limited capabilities, collaboration is not recommended. Tap into Zeta Production’s pure coding and search result optimization services and let’s build a quality real estate website.


  1. What is a real estate website?

    A real estate website is a website created for the purpose of promoting real estate and delivering information. Typical types include apartment rental websites and real estate information websites. On real estate websites, you can obtain a variety of information, including real estate location analysis and actual transaction price inquiries, as well as transactions.

  2. What is real estate website creation?

    Creating a real estate website is the process of creating a real estate website according to the situation and purpose. In other words, you decide whether to create a property information homepage or a property listing site. A property homepage is created for promotional or informational purposes based on various information such as the location, square footage, and structure of the property.

  3. How much does it cost to create a sales website ?

    The cost of creating a sales website is determined by the size of the real estate website. The cost of creating a one-page real estate website is 800,000 won. The cost of creating a website with less than 3 pages is 1.2 million won.