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Web Design Consulting

Website Planning Cost

For optimized UX & UI and responsive design


Custom web design by a lead designer from Silicon Valley with global graphic designs

We’ll design your web with SEO optimized for online readability and top positions on multiple search engines.

Web Development Consulting

Website Planning Cost

Based on today’s trendiest development technologies


Professional web development through collaboration between local and global teams

We check details on how fast your website loads and how secure it can be. Also, add the latest features built with pure coding.

Web Analytics Consulting

Website Planning Cost

By web analytics experts who fully understand and analyze the purpose of your business


Consulting with analytics and data measurement

The data-driven web analytics you need to run an enterprise-scale web operation. Get actionable measurements, analyze performance metrics like KPT, build strategy, and more!

Web Marketing Consulting

Website Planning Cost

Build a customized solution with specialized services from our digital marketers


Marketing consulting services that ensure high quality by collaborating with professionals from a 6-year marketing department

We provide customized branding strategies to increase brand awareness and convert your target audience from acquisition to engagement. Experience effective marketing to grow your brand and drive results at the same time.

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  1. How much does website planning cost?

    Website planning costs can vary depending on the project scale and service providers. For example, hiring a website planning agency with high-quality results and expectations, such as Zeta Production, can cost $375 per session.

  2. What is website planning?

    Website planning is a process of gathering plans for the purpose, designs, and functions when making the website. It is the foundation of the website development. In the website planning stage, website creation and maintenance budgets are also determined.

  3. When planning your website, what is one of the key things you should consider?

    One of the key things to consider when planning a website is the purpose of your website. Some of the examples of the website purpose can be education, service provision, community gathering, or eCommerce. It is the key point for website planning because it determines the main reason for your website's existence.

  4. What is one of the very first things to do when planning your website?

    One of the first things to do when planning your website is to identify your website goals. These include the website's purpose, primary objectives, or business plans. Figuring out this foundation step can lead you to better audience targeting and budgeting.