Web Server

Whether you want to build a NAS server for your enterprise business or a shared web server for the start-up, Zeta Production’s load-balancing solutions are your best bet! Thanks to our premium security practices, your business secrets will never leave the safe space and the user experience stays secure.

Zeta Productions is a one-stop shop for everything your business needs to develop a web server. Our team uses the best transfer protocols to build a web server ensuring it doesn’t suffer speed limitations in the future.

Web Server

Our Service Benefits

Web Server 2

Multiple Operating System Support

Web servers created at Zeta Productions can function ideally on multiple operating systems. Whether you use Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, IOS, or MacOs, our HTTP protocols will handle it efficiently.

Fast Data Processing

If you want your web server to deliver heavy loads of data in seconds, it must have faster data processing capabilities. At Zeta Productions, your web server will supply essential information in a snap using a small memory footprint. It also helps the server tackle more requests without compromising on responsiveness.

Ideal Security Practices

In the realm of digital breaching, it is better to use premium security measures for your web server. Your web server will stay safe from potential threats by setting up firewalls and military-grade encryption protocols.

Performance Optimization

We don’t leave our client’s side after creating the web server. Our team helps you optimize your web server using caching mechanisms and load-balancing solutions without any extra charge.

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How We Do Web Server

IT Consulting Process 1


Our first step is to get on a call and assess your needs and objectives. We research your business thoroughly and determine the number of requests the web server will potentially deal with. Through consulting, we decide which transfer protocols and bandwidth are ideal for your needs.

IT Consulting Process 2


Once done with the theoretical plan, our teams start putting all the pieces together and building a web server in no time. In this step, we use HTTP or STP protocols and some premium load-balancing back-end strategies to create a website server with a smaller footprint and higher processing power.

IT Consulting Process 3

Testing & Delivery

In this step, we start testing the web server by throwing several requests toward it simultaneously. Everything related to performance and speed optimization is executed in this step. Lastly, we deliver the web server or link it to your domain for a top-notch experience. 


  1. How to build a web server

    The first thing to know about how to build a web server is getting ideal transfer protocols and premium security measures such as reverse proxy. However, for a seamless experience, it is best to go for a web server creation company such as Zeta Production. ZETA can help you create a load-balancing web server without breaking your bank.

  2. Is it free to create a web server?

    Yes, it is! However, there's a catch! Free web servers allow you to host and deal with limited requests. So, whenever that number exceeds, your web server will start slowing down or show errors. So, it is better to go for a paid web server for long-term benefits.

  3. What is the difference between an application server and a web server?

    An application server deals with dynamic tasks. These include running scripts, dealing with databases, and processing forms. On the contrary, the web server uses HTTP protocols to deliver static content to user requests.