Hospital Website Development

Enjoy hospital web design that 100% reflects customer requests and 6 years of specialized hospital outreach marketing strategy! Zeta Production is the right website production company for the job. Click the button below to see detailed pricing options.

Hospital Website Development

4 Advantages of Hospital Website Development with Zeta Production

4 Advantages of Hospital Website Development with Zeta Production

Create a Hospital Website that 100% Reflects Customer Preferences

We create a hospital website that is 100% based on customer requests. This is because the importance of a hospital’s website in marketing is enormous. Your homepage can be anything you want it to be in terms of appearance, search engine optimization, and functionality. Zeta Production is a website creation company that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Hospital Web Design Optimized for Patient Influx

We utilize web design so that patients visiting your website for the first time can find information quickly and easily. We never provide hospital homepage designs that are overly flashy, making it difficult to find important information, or that are difficult to use due to outdated designs and functions. The completed hospital web design can be used as portfolio material for Zeta Production.

Build a Customized Hospital Marketing Strategy for Your Sector

A dermatology website and a pediatrics website should be structured differently and have different operational strategies. Zeta Production is a hospital marketing company that provides custom landing page design and website strategies for each field based on 6 years of digital marketing insights.

Hospital Website Production Company That Prioritizes Customer Trust

Some unscrupulous companies create websites that do not comply with hospital marketing and medical laws. However, Zeta Production creates hospital websites as part of its hospital marketing consultancy. In addition, we will consult with you and suggest a reasonable cost for your hospital website. Click the button below to learn more about the cost of creating a hospital website.

4 Advantages of Hospital Website Development with Zeta Production 2

Zeta Production Hospital Website Production Process

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Expert 1:1 Consultation

All consultations are conducted by a dedicated expert. We’re happy to provide you with a free consultation to discuss the process of building your website, the cost of building your website, and a marketing strategy to promote your practice.

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Hospital Website Production in Progress

You do not need to prepare a website plan. Zeta Production is a hospital marketing company that builds and delivers everything from hospital website creation to design and promotional strategies. Contact us today to get started on your hospital website.

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Build a Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Hospital

Hospital promotional marketing strategies will continue to be necessary even after the hospital website is completed. We provide training so that hospital staff without development knowledge can easily modify the hospital website design, and we also provide ongoing maintenance and specialized hospital promotional marketing solutions upon request.

Learn More About Creating a Hospital Website

병원 홈페이지 제작 업체는 어떻게 고르나요?

There are many hospital website creation companies. As the number of patients looking for information online continues to grow, so does the importance of a hospital website. If there is no website, more and more people will not visit that hospital. How do you choose the best website development company? Choosing a hospital website builder is easy if you keep two things in mind.

  • Hospital Website Portfolio : A hospital website portfolio is the best way to get a sense of what kind of hospital websites a company has built. When looking through a portfolio of hospital websites, the main thing to pay attention to is not the flashy design, but whether the hospital website is appropriate for the type of hospital. A design that’s too flashy or too simple won’t give patients the information they need. Check the hospital website portfolio to see if the hospital’s marketing strategy is well conveyed.
  • Compliance with Hospital Marketing Medical Laws: Hospital marketing medical laws are very complex. Everything from the wording you use on your homepage to the content of your photos needs to be carefully thought out. Work with a hospital website builder that is vetted by a hospital marketing healthcare law expert, not one that uses dubious information from the internet.

At its core, hospital outreach marketing is about converting potential patients into actual walk-in patients. This requires a variety of hospital marketing strategies, including creating a hospital website. Let’s take a look at three of the most successful hospital outreach marketing best practices.

  • Providing Information via Email: The Oncology Center at Seoul National University Hospital provides specialized information to patients by email. The emails provide basic information about tumor development and surgery, as well as more advanced information that non-doctor patients may not be able to find easily. This is a great example of hospital marketing that naturally promotes the hospital’s expertise and builds trust with patients.
  • Hospital Focused SEO: SEO stands for search engine optimization, which, simply put, means making sure that you appear on the first page of search results when someone searches for a particular keyword. SEO efforts are considered very important for hospital marketing success. In fact, many hospitals are working on SEO to get the first position for keywords in their surrounding neighborhoods and for keywords in their specialties, such as “dental” and “plastic surgery.” At Zeta Production, we have SEO experts who have extensive experience with top rankings on both Naver and Google, and we specialize in SEO for hospital marketing strategies.
  • Social Media Marketing: Many large hospitals, including Seoul National University Hospital, have opened social media channels such as Facebook and Naver blogs to communicate with patients.  The end goal of this social media-based marketing is to drive visits to the hospital’s website and hopefully lead to an actual visit. A good hospital outreach marketing strategy and social media presence has led to many hospital marketing success stories.

The importance of a hospital homepage is very high. Doctors who actually run hospitals, and hospital marketing agencies, believe that hospital websites will become even more important than they are now. This is because patients no longer visit hospitals in person but look for information on symptoms, disease names, and treatments on the Internet. In order to survive, hospitals need to create their own online channels to drive patients to them.

Therefore, it is essential to create a hospital website that provides excellent functionality and builds trust with patients by providing quality medical information. Allocating funds for a hospital website development cost is a necessary investment. Should you try to save on the cost of hospital homepage creation you risk ending up with a low-quality homepage, and if the hospital homepage becomes paralyzed even with a small influx of patients, patients will not be able to trust the hospital. In this way, hospital homepages are becoming the core of hospital marketing strategies in the online era.


  1. What is a hospital website?

    Creating a hospital website is an essential element of hospital promotional marketing. Many patients first look for medical information on the internet rather than visiting the hospital in person, which is why you need an online presence to communicate with them. Creating a hospital website is the first step to most effectively communicating your practice's medical expertise, from the different surgeries you offer to your prices.

  2. How much does it cost to create a hospital website?

    The cost of creating a hospital website varies from company to company. Zeta Production, a professional hospital website builder, has three different packages that cost $2.4 million, $3.9 million, and $9 million. Detailed 
    hospital website production costs can be found on the Zeta Production website.

  3. How do I comply with hospital marketing medical law review?

    There are two ways to stay on top of your hospital marketing healthcare law review. You can either find the information yourself, or you can enlist the help of a hospital marketing medical law expert. The first option runs the risk of spending too much time searching for information. At Zeta Production, a specialized hospital website production company, we consult with medical review experts to create your hospital website. Don't waste time looking for information, let Zeta Production create your hospital website so you can focus on what matters most: running your practice.

  4. Is hospital web design different from regular web design?

    Hospital web design differs from general web design in many ways. First and foremost, you need to create design elements that are compliant with hospital marketing medical laws. Different types of hospitals have different marketing strategies, so you need a hospital web design that is different from general web design. Most importantly, your hospital web design should be intuitive for patients looking for information.