Website Development Pricing

What if your house has no door? No one is going to visit.
What if your online business doesn’t have a website? Clients will scroll down without realizing you exist.
Build your website with Zeta Production. Create a homepage that’s like a door you can’t wait to open.
Learn how much website development costs and what your package deals with in just 3 minutes.


Website Development Cost - 1

For self-employed and sole proprietors


Website designs by our lead designer from Silicon Valley

It’s coded and built by our in-house development team without general CMS tools like Nubord, WordPress, or Wix.


Website Development Cost - 2

For small businesses


Targeting frequent visitors as well as investor relations to attract investment

For better attraction, we offer an up-and-coming blogging system, which is essential for the current SEO market. And fluent multilingual service that enables you to reach global markets.


Website Development Cost - 3

Develop a 100% customizable website for your enterprise

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Enterprise fixed customization, starting with competitor analysis

The website with global-scale SEO technology. Configure with continuous support from in-house experts.

PackagesExpertly Coded WebsiteExpertly Coded WebsiteMulti-Feature Expertly Coded Website
Landing Page Designing/Planning
Premium Web Designs
HQ Logo
Number of Pages± 8± 2040 +
Number of Mainpage Inner SectionsUp to 5Up to 7Request a Quote
Responsive Web Design
Domain/Server Setup
Hosting Business Email
Connecting to Cloudflare
Install SSL
Analytics Setup
Applying Technical SEOWorking with existing SEO
marketing team
Website Regulatory Law SetupConsulting with the
enterprise legal team
Setting User Login/Signup (JWT Authentication)
Training on Basics
Multilingual Support (for international expansion)Up to three languages100% customizable
Applying SEO Blogging System
Building CI/CDAutomated CI/CDDevelopment CI/CD with AWS server systems
Website Update/MaintenanceMaintenance by QA/QC Engineer
Front End DevelopmentHTML, CSS, JavaScript, or React.js
(never use old-school libraries that hurt SEO, like jQuery)
We develop in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, or any other library/framework of your choice.We develop in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, or any other library/framework of your choice.
Back End DevelopmentNode.js or PHP8.0Node.js or PHP8.0Node.js or PHP8.0
Database SystemMySQL, MariaDB, or MongoDBMySQL, MariaDB, or MongoDBMySQL, MariaDB, or MongoDB
Cost$10,990$23,990Request a Quote


  1. How much does website development cost?

    The cost of website development depends on what appearance you want for your website and the type of your business. At Zeta Production, a leading website development company, a website for self-employed and sole proprietors costs $10,990. $23,990 for small businesses and the cost of a corporate website is negotiated with the client.

  2. What is website development?

    Creating a website is the first step in starting an online business. This is because you need a website to attract customers, introduce them to your business, and allow them to purchase or click on your product or service. Zeta Production is a professional website development company with 6 years of experience in creating both personal and corporate websites.

  3. How to choose a website development agency?

    When choosing a website development agency, the most important factor to consider is the cost. You want to save money and invest in exciting marketing plans and web features. However, a cheap website can only give a modicum effect, no matter how much you spend on marketing and feature development. Choose a website development company that understands online business. A website that takes into account various factors such as future business expansion is worth the money spent on. Zeta Production is a company that specializes in designing and web development by an expert team of marketers and developers.

  4. What kinds of websites can you create?

    There are many types of websites you can create with Zeta Production. Large corporate websites, eCommerce, websites for community organizations, and even personal WordPress blog websites. With so many options included in our service packages, the possibilities are endless. Your website will be 100% customizable, and done with errorless coding, and no traditional authorization tools. You'll find it on Zeta Production.