WordPress Blog Pricing

Create your WordPress blog that rakes in. With 3 packages and 20 options to choose from, we build WordPress blogs that are 100% tailored to your needs.
Find out how much developing WordPress blog costs, and even sign up for a consultation, in just 5 minutes.


WordPress Blog Cost - 1

For individual bloggers


Create a blog that goes beyond common blogging platforms.

Never reused unconventional layout. We’ll design your blog with the flair of a Silicon Valley designer. Even more, we’ll set up your web server and everything else you need to run your blog, and we’ll even provide specialized training to help you run your blog afterward.


WordPress Blog Cost - 2

Large-sized eCommerce website with various revenue


Build a profitable blog focused on maximizing search engine exposure with the best SEO technology worldwide.

We create blogs with high user impressions by optimizing for Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines. We customize WordPress themes and WordPress plugins with 100% of your requests.


WordPress Blog Cost - 3

Develop a 100% customizable platform for your enterprise

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Enterprise blogs for corporations.

Conduct specialized website planning, including competitor analysis and corporate outlook analysis. Create a corporation-level quality blog with a daily progress report. Better yet, our blogging experts will report on your blog’s performance once every single day.

Blog Planning
Premium Web Design
Brand logo
Number of Pages Covering± 5± 20320 +
Number of Mainpage Inner SectionsUp to 3Up to 5Request a Quote
Responsive Web Design
Essential Plugin Setup
Domain/Server Setup
Connecting to Cloudflare
Install SSL
Training on Blog
Analytics Setup
Applying Technical SEOWorking with existing SEO marketing team
Profitable Blog Regulatory Law SetupConsulting with the
enterprise legal team
User Setup
Custom Themes
Multilingual Support (for international expansion)100% customizable
Custom Plugins
Building CI/CDDevelopment CI/CD with AWS server systems
WordPress Updates/MaintenanceMaintenance by QA/QC Engineer
Cost$1,790$5,290Request a Quote


  1. The price of a WordPress blog varies by development services. The lowest is $1,790, and the price can be finalized after consultation with the customer. While Zeta Production's WordPress blog pricing is higher than the industry average, it's an affordable service that offers specialized options and ongoing management services.

  2. Why is there a difference in the cost of WordPress Blog development services?

    The reason for the difference in price between the WordPress blog development services is that each service has different options. To put it simply, the Business service includes user management settings and theme customization options that the Plus service does not. These are more advanced features and require more input, hence the price difference. The higher the price, the more advanced features you can get.

  3. What price points do you recommend?

    Our most recommended price point is the Business package. The Business package is priced at $5,290. We highly recommend this service for small and medium-sized businesses that want to scale across Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines. This is because it takes a designated team for your business's blog development and is reasonably priced compared to the offers. In addition, all services are clearly organized into customer segments, so you can recommend each service to a specific customer.

  4. Can I get a discount on my WordPress blog development?

    Yes. We can also discount the price of your WordPress blog. If there's a feature you already have or an option you decide you don't need, we'll remove it and discount the price accordingly. However, we'll need to make sure that your options synergize with each other, so we'll need to discuss the discount during the consultation before we get started.

  5. What is the average price to create a WordPress blog?

    The average price for WordPress blog creation is around $1,550. However, the average price doesn't mean much because the price range is large for each service provider, and the amount of service offers varies. Even if the price is higher than the average, it can be reasonable because the service provides a qualified level of progress completion and features. Zeta Production's WordPress blog development service is reasonably priced and provides all-in-one services such as customizing plugins, setting up user management features, and training for future maintenance that other companies do not provide.

  6. How much does it cost to start a WordPress blog by myself?

    Setting up a WordPress blog on your own also costs money. You'll need to purchase both a domain and server to host your blog, which can cost as little as $150 to start and $5 – $200 per month after. In addition, you'll also need to pay for plugins and themes. Zeta Production's service covers all of these costs and comes with advanced SEO features. You get professional WordPress development services at an affordable price.