Logo Design Pricing

Tired of searching in the midst of design students and portfolio-lacking freelancers?
Our professional designer from Silicon Valley will create an impeccable logo for your business.
Explore logo design cost and package deals, plus on-point marketing plans, in less than a minute.


Logo Design Cost - 1

For self-employed & one-person businesses


Brand logo design by our Silicon Valley-based designer with 8 years of experience, not by inexperienced college students working on freelancing platforms.


Logo Design Cost - 2

For small businesses


Create à la mode logo that matches your landing page design or created website.


Logo Design Cost - 3

For mid-sized businesses


With our website planning team, analyze your company’s originality, areas of expertise, and future vision. A clear-cut company logo based on our precise analysis.

After the business analysis, we always check with the client’s affirmation before proceeding with logo development.


Logo Design Cost - 4

For enterprise/organization


Relevant brand logo that best captures the corporate philosophy through a once-a-day progress reporting system.

PlusBusinessBusiness +Enterprise
RevisionsUp to 2Up to 3Up to 5Up to 11


  1. Logo design is an essential step in promoting your brand or business. If your business doesn't have a logo, your customers won't remember anything about it. Create a logo that your customers will never forget with Zeta Production today.

  2. How much does logo design cost?

    Zeta Production's logo design cost starts at $222 for a self-employed brand. A logo for a small business is $555, and $666 for a mid-sized business. Logo design for large companies and public organizations is set at $1,333. The higher the price, the more mockups and revisions you'll get to incorporate your requests.

  3. What is the difference between a logo design service and a free logo maker?

    Free logo maker doesn't involve spending money—by using an AI tool or an on-site ordinary feature, so that means, you have to invest a lot of time in finding a moderately decent web design. Many people are often disappointed with low-quality logos and the time they've wasted, so they look for a legitimate logo designer. Zeta Production is a top-notch logo design company that will save you time and frustration.

  4. What to consider when creating a logo?

    When creating a logo, it's crucial to capture the essence of your brand. Zeta Production is in constant communication with you to elaborately execute your logo design. In order to do this, we provide daily progress reports to clients who sign up for our enterprise package option. We create high-quality logos through accurate communication and 10+ revisions.