Landing Page Pricing

For the most trendy landing pages, go with Zeta Production‘s landing page design services.
From landing page costs to detailed service-specific options at a glance.


Landing page design cost - 1

For self-employed and sole proprietors


Sensational landing page designed by our lead designer from Silicon Valley

We don’t use prevalent CMS tools like GnuBoard, WordPress, or Wix. We use the advanced programming skills of our in-house development team to create expertly coded landing pages.


Landing Page Design Cost - 2

For small businesses


Landing pages targeting customers as well as for IR to attract investment

We’ll even show you how to create more conversions and a blog system that’s a must-have for SEO marketing. What’s more, high-quality multilingual services for global markets.


Landing Page Design Cost - 3

100% custom landing pages for enterprises

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Enterprise-grade customization with competitor analysis

Landing pages with the best SEO technology worldwide. With 24/7 support from our specialists, it’s 100% configurable to fit your corporation’s vision and purpose.

PackagesImpeccable CodingImpeccable CodingMulti-faceted Impeccable Coding
Landing Page Designing/Planning
Premium web design
HQ Logo
Number of Pages± 8± 2040 +
Number of Mainpage Inner SectionsUp to 5Up to 7Request a Quote
Responsive web design
Domain/Server Setup
Hosting Business Email
Connecting to Cloudflare
Install SSL
Analytics Setup
Applying Technical SEOWorking with existing SEO
marketing team
Website Regulatory Law SetupConsulting with the
enterprise legal team
Setting User Login/Signup (JWT Authentication)
Training on Basics
Multilingual Support (for international expansion)Up to three languages100% customizable
Applying SEO Blogging System
Building CI/CDAutomated CI/CDDevelopment CI/CD with AWS server systems
Updates/MaintenanceMaintenance by QA/QC specialist
Front End DevelopmentHTML, CSS, JavaScript, or React.js
(never use old-school libraries that hurt SEO, like jQuery)
We develop in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, or any other library/framework of your choice.We develop in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, or any other library/framework of your choice.
Back End DevelopmentNode.js or PHP8.0Node.js or PHP8.0Node.js or PHP8.0
Database SystemMySQL, MariaDB, or MongoDBMySQL, MariaDB, or MongoDBMySQL, MariaDB, or MongoDB
Cost$10,990$23,990Request a Quote


  1. What is a landing page?

    A landing page is intended for what visitors and targeted audiences see on their screens when entering the website from search engines, advertisements, or social media. A landing page is critical in measuring the conversion rate.

  2. How much does a landing page cost

    A landing page cost varies depending on the complexity of the landing page and the amount of work involved. Zeta Production's landing page web design services, which are 100% customized for different types of clients, range from $10,990 to $23,990. For enterprise-sized clients, we negotiate the price of landing page design before proceeding with the work.

  3. How much to charge for a landing page design?

    A landing page design, when using a landing page website builder, can cost between $19 to $399 per month. If you hire a freelancer, it typically costs $15 to $100 per hour. For an expertly designed landing page with a promising conversion rate and supportive maintenance, hiring a landing page designing agency is a good option to consider. One of the leading landing page designing companies, Zeta Production, charges between $10,990 to $23,990.

  4. How to create a landing page in WordPress

    A landing page can be built in WordPress by using existing plugins and themes, or manually customized with coding using style.css and functions.php files.