Landing Page Creation Methods 

Landing pages are crucial when it comes to marketing campaigns. You can’t start a campaign without setting up a dedicated, conversion-focused landing page. 

This begs the question: “How can you create a landing page that drives conversions and enhances the overall campaign’s success?” 

Well, that’s all we are going to discover in this article. Without any further ado, let’s dive in and explore the techniques to create a conversion-boosting landing page. 

Introduction to Landing Page Creation

Let’s understand what a landing page is and why it is essential. 

The Significance of Landing Pages in Digital Marketing

Landing pages are the ones that a website visitor will reach upon clicking on your advertisement link in his email Facebook and Instagram, so they are specifically designed to convert viewers into potential customers. Launching a successful digital marketing campaign without attractive landing pages will become quite difficult as it enhances user experience and smooths the conversion process. 

Introduction to Landing Page Creation

The Impact of Well-Designed Landing Pages

By attracting your desired customers with a concise business statement and call to action, you can potentially increase the conversion rates on your website. Moreover, when your landing page is designed with a sense of credibility which ensures trust that is quite essential for them to pay for your items. 

Landing Page Creation Methods 

Here are some methods through which you can create a landing page, so without wasting any time let’s explore how each is different from the other. 

Custom-Coded Landing Pages 

  • Full Control and Customization 
    Businesses with unique branding requirements that cannot be fulfilled by other methods go for custom-coded landing pages. This is most popularly done by businesses who want to control every aspect of the design and functionality used in the landing page. 
  • Development Time and Expertise 
    However,  these landing pages are expensive as expert coders are hired which helps the business to create a distinctive online presence. As the code is written from the start, it takes quite a lot of development time as compared to other methods. 

Landing Page Builders 

  • User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Interfaces 
    You don’t need to have any technical coding knowledge to create your landing page with landing page builders. These builders have a drag and drop feature which allows you to assemble a landing page efficiently. 
  • Pre-Made Templates and Speed of Creation 
    With pre-made templates, the process of creating a landing page has been reduced from days to hours which means that you don’t have to wait for many days to get your landing page ready. Moreover, this is quite helpful for businesses with limited resources. 
Landing Page Creation Methods

CMS-Based Landing Pages 

  • Integration with Existing Websites 
    An example of CMS is WordPress which allows users to create a consistent design which is great for businesses just starting. With CMS, the existing resources are utilized in the best possible manner by using the content media libraries on the main website on your landing page. 
  • Limitations and Flexibility 
    CMS-based landing pages do not offer many attractive designs and you are bound to choose between some of the plugins which are commonly used by many other businesses so there is not much uniqueness in your design. Additionally, with CMS CMS-based landing pages, you will also find it difficult to compete with custom-coded websites. 

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Best Practices for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages 

Here are some practices that you should follow that will help you achieve your conversion goals. 

Best Practices for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

Defining Clear Objectives and Target Audience

You should know what you want from your landing page, for example, if you want to boost sales or increase the number of monthly signups. Moreover,  you should also have information regarding your target audience such as their behavior, what they want, and their preferences. 

Crafting Compelling Headlines and Copy 

Headlines are one of the first things a potential buyer notices so ensure that it is clear and conveys your brand’s message conveniently as this is where you have to grab his attention. You should also write a concise copy that makes it easy for the reader to understand your product features and the benefits that it can provide. 

Attention-Grabbing Visual Elements 

Your landing page should be in smooth colors so that it does not irritate the reader’s eye. You can use infographics that make it easy for potential buyers to know about your product such as a table image demonstrating the benefits of your product or service. 

A/B Testing and Continuous Optimization

Comparing the two versions of the layout and identifying what works best can be a great practice to create a converting landing page. You must analyze which CTA, headline, or images attract more visitors to make a purchase. Optimization is not a single-step process so you need to regularly improve the landing page visuals according to the statistics. 

Landing Page Creation Tools 

Let’s explore the tools through which you can create your first landing page. 

Top Landing Page Builders in the Market 

Here are the top landing page builders in the market based on user preferences as of 2024. 

  • HubSpot
  • Duda 
  • Wix 

Features and Pricing Comparison 

Hubspot Features Duda Features Wix Features 
Free tools Tailor-made for Large-Scale Operations Stunning Templates 
Reporting Dashboard Offer Multiple Website Products Mobile Optimized 
Conversational Bots Upsell Customers on Website Add-ons Unlimited Fonts 
Product Library Customized Support Total Design Freedom 
Price Comparison Highest Price(Per Month) Lowest Price(Entry Price) 
Duda $19 $149 
Wix $35 $4.5 
Hubspot $3600 $18 

User Ratings and Reviews 

Software Review and Ratings 
Hubspot 4.4 out of 5 
Duda 4.6 out of 5 
Wix 4.2 out of 5 

CMS Plugins and Integrations 

Some of the CMS plugins and integrations are mentioned below. 

  • WordPress 
  • Drupal 
  • Joomla 
  • Shopware 
  • Opencart 

WordPress and Landing Page Plugins 

Here are some WordPress landing page plugins. 

  • WPForms 
  • OptinMonster 
  • SeedProd 
  • Beaver Builder 
  • Elementor Pro 
Landing Page Creation Tools

Compatibility and Functionality 

HubSpot offers comprehensive compatibility and functionality, catering to a wide range of users. From free tools to advanced marketing features, it provides scalability for businesses of various sizes. 

Moreover, Duda positions itself as a platform tailored for large-scale operations, emphasizing automation, lead capture, and customization. Its functionality is geared towards agencies and businesses managing multiple websites. 

Lastly, Wix is known for its user-friendly interface and flexibility. It caters to a broad audience, from individual entrepreneurs to small businesses. Wix’s functionality is versatile, with a focus on creative design and user experience. 

Benefits and Considerations of Landing Page Tools 

Below are some points referring to the benefits and considerations of landing page tools at the same time. 

Benefits and Considerations of Landing Page Tools

Time Efficiency and Ease of Use 

With the drag-and-drop function, it has become quite easy for marketers to create the best landing page for their website in hours as no coding will be required. However, specific features will be required for certain campaigns which these landing tools cannot provide. 

Template Libraries and Customization Options 

There is an extensive range of template libraries that not only act as a great starting point for beginners but also help businesses cover various industries and be flexible with their campaign goals. However, it sometimes becomes difficult to personalize pages while maintaining simplicity at the same time. 

Integrations with Analytics and Marketing Tools 

No digital marketing campaign can survive without proper data-driven insights so these tools allow businesses to record their landing page visitors and track conversion rates, which helps to to capture valuable data. But you have to be careful as some landing page tools do not integrate with analytical tools which reduces your success probability. 

Web Landing Page Creation 

Let’s explore how the roles of websites and integrating landing pages with websites is essential. 

The Role of Websites in Landing Page Creation 

  • Subdomain vs. Subdirectory Landing Pages 
    Subdomains can provide a degree of isolation, making them suitable for distinct campaigns or products while Subdirectories are folders within the main domain, typically represented as “” 
  • Linking and Navigation for Seamless User Experience 
    Internal linking guides users through a seamless journey, directing them from landing pages to other relevant content. Moreover, proper internal linking enhances SEO by establishing content hierarchy and improving credibility. 

Integrating Landing Pages with Your Website 

  • Consistency in Branding and Messaging 
    Consistent branding instills trust by presenting a unified and familiar visual identity. The messaging on landing pages should align with the overarching message of your website and marketing campaigns as it provides clarity, preventing confusion among users regarding your brand’s offerings and value proposition. 
  • Landing Page Promotion and Traffic Channels 
    Social media allows precise audience targeting, ensuring your landing pages reach the right demographics. So, you can Incorporate landing pages into email campaigns to provide a focused call-to-action for recipients. 
Web Landing Page Creation


Whether you choose to custom-code, use a builder, or go with a CMS, the key is to keep it simple, engaging, and aligned with your brand. Landing pages are your digital storytellers, guiding visitors to take action. So, experiment with these methods, find what works best for you, and watch your online story unfold with success! 


  1. Clear headlines, compelling copy, striking visuals, a focused call-to-action, and mobile responsiveness are essential elements for a successful landing page. 

  2. How do I choose between custom coding, builders, and CMS for landing page creation? 

    Choose custom coding for full control, builders for user-friendly design, and CMS for seamless integration with existing websites. 

  3. What landing page builder is suitable for eCommerce businesses? 

    Popular options like Shopify, WooCommerce, and ClickFunnels are suitable landing page builders for eCommerce businesses, offering features tailored for online sales. 

  4. Can I create landing pages without a website? 

    Yes, landing page builders like Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages enable the creation of standalone pages without a website, simplifying the process for marketing campaigns. 

  5. What metrics should I track to measure the effectiveness of my landing pages? 

    Monitor conversion rate, bounce rate, click-through rate (CTR), time on page, and form submission rate to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages and optimize for success. 

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