IT Consulting Rate

What if your project isn’t performing well? Is your roadmap constantly being revised? This is when you need IT consulting—easy and objective sessions anyone can understand. See detailed IT consulting rates at a glance.
Leave your taxes to your accountant, your defense to your lawyer, and your IT consulting to Zeta Production.

Basic Consulting

IT Consulting Rate

Support existing business plans and suggest ways to move forward

Starting from $75

Begin with a 100% understanding of your project A to Z

We never ask for additional costs and indiscriminate schedule changes.
We deliver optimal development by objective and precise consulting.

Consulting +

IT Consulting Rate

Web, app, server, and business planning for companies

Starting from $850

Easy & solid consulting that even a non-technical person can understand in 1 hour

No web development knowledge is required. Zeta Production’s IT consultants assist you at your level. Your dedicated web server and app developers will customize everything from development language recommendations to required technical specifications, flow charts, admin features, and more!

Business Model Consulting

IT Consulting Rate

Business model discovery and evaluation, helping you to enter the digital market with confidence

Starting from $75

For business development and promising online market entry

We identify a competitive business model to plan and operate flawlessly. IT consulting for all business models from analyzing definitive market penetration to validating new business areas! We provide IT consulting beyond your current business.

Basic consultingBasic Consulting +Business Model Consulting
Reference Research
Cost of Consultation (Google Meet, Discord/per session)$75$850$75


  1. What does an IT consultant do?

    IT consultant's job consists of advising, web planning, web designing, and installing information technology for clients. At Zeta Production, industrial and commercial clients receive business and IT consulting services from our experienced IT consultants.

  2. What is the average hourly rate for an IT consultant?

    The average hourly rate for an IT consultant is $35 in the US. It can range from $17 to $108 depending on the consultant's experience and projects.

  3. What makes up the average hourly rate for IT consulting?

    The hourly rate for IT consultants varies by the size of the consulting firm. Freelance IT consultants charge between $12 to $30 per hour, while small tech consulting firms with less than 40 employees charge up to $99 per hour. Medium-sized consulting companies charge up to $200 per hour or more. On the other hand, large IT consulting firms with over 1,000 employees charge an average of $300 per hour.

  4. What is the rate for IT consulting at Zeta Production?

    Zeta Production's IT consulting rate starts at a base price of $75. This price is for one online consulting session. The consultation for enterprises can be up to $850 depending on the package deal with the additional options. We deliver accurate plans and improvements just in one session.